The York Factory Express Journals

January 19, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Newcombe Conference Hall,
Royal BC Museum
Friends of the BC Archives

The York Factory Express Journals

Guest Speaker: Nancy Marguerite Anderson

The York Factory Express was a 5,400-mile long journey from Fort Vancouver to
Hudson Bay made by employees of the Hudson’s Bay Company, including Canadiens
and Metis, from 1826 to 1854. Their stories include dangerous river ascents,
drownings, trading forts that were burned to the ground and races to get home. Join
author and historian Nancy Marguerite Anderson as she explores the archival research
behind her book, The York Factory Express, including seven journals in the BC Archives

Nancy Marguerite Anderson studied art and illustrated books before throwing caution to
the wind and sailing the west coast. While researching her great-grandfather, Alexander
Caulfield Anderson, in the BC Archives and HBC Archives, Nancy discovered her love
for writing and research. Her interest in the York Factory Express was fuelled by her
personal discovery that her great-great-grandfather, James Birnie, traveled in the first
Express in 1826.


This event is free to members of the Friends of the BC Archives. $5.00 to visitors

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