Please refer to our guidelines and “How to Prepare an Awards Nomination” both available on this site and from our office.


First tell us why the project deserves an award. Why was the project important? Did they take extra care to be accurate in details? Was this site threatened with demolition and rescued?

For Example:

The Dr. Dole House at 1234 Main Street has been rehabilitated and returned to active use by Anybody Holdings as offices for the professionals. Throughout the rehabilitation, the owner took great pains to retain the heritage character of the building while complying with modern building codes and standards which at times were contrary to the conservation. The result is a modern office set in a magnificent historic building which has been tastefully and carefully restored and takes its place as an important part of the Main Street streetscape.

(Insert historical information here – date of construction, architect, any significant users, etc. Also useful are the date the current owners took possession and the condition at that time).

For Example:

The house built in 1908, was designed by architect­­­________________ in the Tutor Revival Style. Particularly prominent are the massive rock base and support pillars and ornate beveled glass windows framing the main entrance. The owners purchased the building in September 2000 from the remaining member of the family who had owned property from 1945. Second floor had been converted to suites in the 1940s and was in poor condition when they took possession.

(Now tell us what the owners did to rehabilitate the property, naming professionals and tradespeople where appropriate. For adaptive reuse, outline the changes that were made to keep the heritage integrity intact while making a project economically viable).

For Example:

The chimneys were repaired and re-pointed and the entire roof was replaced with 3/4 inch plywood and fiberglass laminated shingles. The front porch and balcony were rebuilt to specifications on historic drawings, front porch granite columns were repaired, and a granite wall was built on the new driveway side. A new two-level storm drain system was installed. The foundation was repaired with cement and waterproofing and a fire sprinkler system added. All windows returned to operational condition, refitting sash and replacement of all broken windows. The complete exterior was painted in appropriate colours. On the interior, all woodwork was refurbished including the stripping of paint from several surfaces. The entire building received a new wiring, plumbing and heating system. Wooden floors, made of Australian Gum, Brazilian Cherry and Fir were refinished.

The offices on the second floor were constructed in the Arts and Craft Style while all rooms were wallpapered with period. Appropriate lighting fixtures were placed throughout the building and mahogany furniture and cabinets were custom built to suit their locations.

(Finish your nomination with additional information which will support the nomination, reinforcing your statement in the first paragraph).

All work was done to high conservation standards: the building has been transformed from a nondescript dwelling to a vibrant jewel on the street. The project was the showpiece arts and crafts House Tour in 2002 and won an award from the Heritage Society of British Columbia.

(Finally, include supporting documentation including images, letters of support, newspaper articles – – anything that will strengthen your nomination).


First tell us why the person deserves an award. What has he/she done that is special? Why should this person win over others with equal qualifications?

For Example:

John Doe has been active in the heritage field for many years and has actively promoted the cause of conservation professionalism by example and through his actions that resulted in the formation of a new professional organization. He is also the author of several books on heritage and has also written countless articles and contributed to professional journals. He has actively promoted heritage in this province and beyond. John has also given freely of his knowledge to the volunteer sector, serving on the____________________ committee in his community and beyond has taken the message a preservation to a world-wide audience.

(Next, give a personal perspective on the nominee. Have you worked together? Outline his/her community service).

For Example:

As well as working with John on a professional basis, I have had the privilege of serving on two distinct boards with him. His insightful and thoughtful comments as well as his deep appreciation for heritage were much appreciated. He spends countless hours educating the general public on heritage issues and brings a quiet professionalism to what are often tricky situations.
(Give more details here.).

(Finish the nomination with additional information that will support the nomination, reinforcing your statement in the first paragraph).

For Example:

John Doe would be a fitting winner of this award as he was a pathfinder in the heritage field and has carried his knowledge to an international clientele, while maintaining a home base in British Columbia. His list of volunteer achievements clearly indicates his efforts to encourage heritage preservation and to bring public attention to preservation issues. His publications lead to a greater public understanding of British Columbia’s heritage and his professional activities enhance this effort.

(Finally, include supporting documentation including images, letters of support, newspaper articles, a list of publications – – anything that will strengthen your nomination).